Benefits of Yoga for individuals with disabilities

Yoga offers significant benefits to individuals of all ages, including children. All individuals can benefit physically and emotionally from the practice of yoga. Individuals with special needs gain specific benefits from yoga exercises. Yoga can benefit individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Whether there is a physical issue that requires exercise to improve flexibility, muscle strength, joint health or an emotional issue such as hyperactivity or inability to focus, yoga therapy may offer a natural treatment option.

Yoga helps to calm the body and mind in people of all ages. Individuals with ADHD, who are easily distracted or display other types of hyperactive behavior can benefit from breathing and self regulation techniques. In addition, yoga helps to improve concentration and focus and this benefits all children, as well as adults. Individuals with certain developmental disorders can experience rigid muscle tone and tension in the body. Stretching the muscles helps to improve flexibility and strength.  Learning to relax the body helps to calm the nervous system, which benefits a wide range of disorders and disabilities.


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