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Full Bio


Edan Lamacchia


Edan is certified in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga from the Nexus Institute of Yoga and Wellness. She became
certified after 10 years of home and studio practice. She started out at home and then expanded out slowly into

yoga studios to connect with others.  She had been pursuing energy work and spiritual teachings separately from
yoga and was excited to realize that yoga is a form of energy work and it fits together perfectly with her
other practices. She is able to use her knowledge of energy to enhance the yoga experience. She loves
that yoga is a multitasking experience combining exercise with stretching, stress reduction, energy work,
meditation, and spiritual practice. Edan is passionate about helping people find health and balance. She
is interested in teaching all ages, sizes, and abilities. Sometimes all that is needed is a little bit of
guidance and encouragement to try something new.

Edan is a Reiki Master, certified in Access Bars, an AddHeart Facilitator through Heartmath, has taken
certification courses in Pranic Healing, and studied Eden Energy Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology as well as a Master degree in Higher and Post-Secondary
Education. She has 8 years of experience as an Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator at the
university level and 20 years in the study of spirituality, healing, and enlightenment.
She is currently pursuing certification in Personal Training and Eden Energy medicine. She studies the
Gene Keys and attends weekly meetings to enhance her understanding. She is excited to teach yoga and
share her passion with others.

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